2020 Summer Construction Moratorium

June 22, 2020

Article C- Construction/Repairs during the Summer Season are PROHIBITED! The Rules and Regulations, Section 9 States that no construction can take place from the third Saturday in June through the first Saturday after Labor Day in September.

Please be advised that the Improvement Committee, on behalf of the Board of Governors of the Ocean Beach and Yacht Club will issue fines for the violation of this Provision.

The Ocean Beach and Yacht Club, Unit II By-Laws, Article 5 (g) 3 (D) states the following: (d) If work, approved or not approved, is performed during the period from the third Saturday in June through the third Saturday after Labor Day, the owner/lessee will be fined $ 350.00 for each day the work is conducted, commencing from the date notified by the Board to discontinue work. Noncompliance with such notice will result in a Court-ordered Cease and Desist and the continuation of the $ 350.00 / day fine until compliance.

The owner/lessee will also be given an opportunity to explain his/her action to the Board.

Thank you for your Cooperation,
Allan May, OBYC Improvements Coordinator