January 27, 2022

As most are aware, Toms River Township has contracted Professional Property Appraisers, Inc to reevaluate properties within the Township, of which includes our community.  Since sending out their letters, homeowners have universally expressed displeasure in the proposed assessed values.

As members of our community continue to reach out to the Board for resolution, we remind you that our power is limited in these situations.  We are actively reaching out to Toms River Township and have a meeting scheduled with our new councilman, Justin Lamb, for February.  Our Board has also been in communication with other Beach Associations on the Barrier Island to present a unified voice.

However, as history has shown us, the Township is often not receptive to hearing from the Associations alone.  We need your help! 

Statement by Mo Hill, Mayor of Toms River

Toms River Township Mayor Maurice “Mo” Hill recently released a statement to a member of Ocean Beach 3 regarding an inquiry on the Tax Reevaluation.  The statement is as follows:

The re-evaluation of the Township properties was MANDATED by the Ocean County Tax Board and the State Attorney General. Neither the Council or myself wanted the reval done at this point because we felt the market had sky rocketed during Covid and that if there was a correction or downturn like what happened in 2008 and 2009 we would once again be faced with numerous tax appeals which would cost the Township money in refunds and defending the assessments. 

The municipal tax rate will come down as the ratable based has increased by approximately 35%. For example, if Toms River had a ratable base of $12B (over 40,000 properties) that increased to $16 or 17B then the amount to be raised by taxation would be spread over the larger ratable base and the overall municipal tax rate would decrease. Almost every Township in the County (all 33 including Toms River) will be undergoing a re-evaluation of their properties because they are ALL below 85% of true value. Once again this was MANDATED by the Ocean County Tax Board and the State Attorney General and NOT the Mayor or Council. 

In the letter you received there should be a phone number of the company that did the re-evaluation and you can contact them to set up a meeting to discuss your new assessment. If you are contesting the assessment you will need to have 3 comparable sales to the size of your house and property to show them if you want a reduction in your assessment.  The company can adjust your assessment at that time or if you are not satisfied with the assessment you have until May 1st to file a tax appeal which will be heard by the Ocean County Tax Board however you will need to produce 3 comparable sales at the hearing. I hope this answers your questions regarding the re-evaluation and the tax rate. Thank you.


Mo Hill

Here’s How You Can Help

All homeowners who received a letter from Professional Property Appraisers, Inc. were given instructions in that letter to contact them if you had any questions or concerns about the appraisal. 

We urge all of our community members to reach out at:

  • 1-800-410-5815
  • 9am to 4pm
  • Monday through Friday

The deadline for airing your grievances is February 4th, 2022.

As Mayor Hill pointed out, Professional Property Appraisers will be requesting that you provide 3 comps to qualify for a reduction:

  • Homeowners may research this information using historical price data from websites such as Zillow, Realtor or Trulia.
  • Board Member & Licensed RE/Max Realtor Anna Fiore has volunteered to help provide members with comps if they send an email to sellandbuywithanna@gmail.com with their property address

The only way we can ensure that our voices are heard is to use our voices.  Please ensure you take individual action while our Board continues to seek practical ways to mass appeal.