Avoid Penalties & Late Fees – Send Your Dues in No Later Than March 31st!

March 3, 2019

The annual dues invoices were mailed at the beginning of January, 2019. The Ocean Beach and Yacht Club, Unit 2 by-laws state that the invoices should be paid by February 1st of each calendar year. The by-laws allow a grace period for payment to March 31st of each calendar year before any member is considered delinquent. The grace period is quickly expiring.

If your invoice is not settled by March 31st (which means we need to receive your payment by March 31st), you will be assessed a late penalty of $25.00 and interest at 18% per annum.

The interest will begin to accrue beginning as of the due date of the original invoice, on February 10th, 2019.

We strongly urge you to settle your invoice by March 31st, 2019 in order to avoid any additional charges.

Thank you for attention to this matter.