Several years ago, Hurricane Sandy hit our community suddenly and unexpectedly. 
It ravaged our community and underscored a simple truth: we weren’t prepared for it.

Since then, we’ve seen the makeup of our community morph & modernize into more sustainable, more stormproof community.  After losing the function of our clubhouse for over a year, OBYC was finally able to restore it to its former glory as a fixture of our community; but not without issue. 

In the years since Hurricane Sandy, the Clubhouse has continued to take on water during bigger storms.  In the last year alone, the Clubhouse has taken on water seven separate times.  And while it may not be feet of water like it was for Sandy, it’s averaged several inches and will have a wearing effect on our structure.

Chaired by Bill Lindner, our Clubhouse Committee wanted to explore the potential to rebuild our Clubhouse.  Taking a more proactive approach would give the community flexibility both in the design and financially, as we would be able to put the project to bid and explore a multitude of financing options.

At our 2021 General Membership Meeting, we explored this project more in depth.  The resulting presentation is included below.

Please note: 

  • The entire membership will be asked to vote on whether we should move forward with this project at our next General Membership Meeting on Sept. 4th.
  • A membership meeting with the architect will be scheduled in the next few weeks, where members can make suggestions and ask questions
  • Physical, large scale renderings of the proposed clubhouse are on display in our Clubhouse now, which you can see during normal hours


Clubhouse Redesign Photo Gallery